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Our Maryland gender discrimination lawyers are dedicated to securing justice for victims of gender discrimination in Maryland.  Eric Bachman, Chair of the Firm’s Discrimination Practice, is a pioneer in using civil rights laws to combat discrimination in the workplace.  His wins include a $100 million settlement in a disparate impact Title VII class action and a $16 million class action settlement against a major grocery chain.  See the December 2018 interview of Eric BachmanA Legal Leg for Women to Stand on in the Workplace.

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Prevalence of Gender Discrimination

According to a 2017 Pew Research Center survey, four-in-ten working women (42%) in the United States believe that have faced gender discrimination in the workplace,  Additional findings include:

  • “One-in-four working women (25%) say they have earned less than a man who was doing the same job; one-in-twenty working men (5%) say they have earned less than a female peer.”
  • “Women are roughly four times as likely as men to say they have been treated as if they were not competent because of their gender (23% of employed women versus 6% of men), and they are about three times as likely as men to say they have experienced repeated small slights at work because of their gender (16% versus 5%).”

Gender Discrimination in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Jobs

According to a study released by the Pew Research Center in January 2018, gender discrimination remains prevalent in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) jobs.  In particular, Pew surveyed more than 4,900 workers in the U.S in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), and found that 50 percent of women reported experiencing discrimination in the workplace.  The percentage was significantly higher in majority-male workplaces.  According to the study, “some 74% of women in computer jobs, such as software development or data science, say they have experienced discrimination because of their gender.”

Maryland Sexual Harassment Attorneys

Recent sexual harassment scandals underscore the fact that sexual harassment is prevalent in the workplace.  And according to a recent EEOC report, approximately 40% of women have experienced one or more specific sexually-based behaviors in the workplace, such as unwanted sexual attention or sexual coercion.

Despite companies adopting “zero tolerance” policies, too many powerful officers, managers and supervisors engage in harassment and inflict serious harm on the careers and reputations of their victims.  We are committed to aggressively combatting harassment and holding perpetrators accountable.

Based on lessons learned from representing victims of sexual harassment, we have developed a Sexual Harassment Survival Guide for Employees, which can be downloaded for free on our website.


If you are confronting harassment in the workplace, it is important to understand your rights.  Though every case is unique, we hope that the following answers to common questions about harassment rights and remedies are helpful.

Leading employment lawyer Eric Bachman is frequently quoted in the media about the rights of victims of harassment and workplace discrimination, including in these recent articles:

Although every case is unique, the following frequently asked questions provide an over view of the key legal issues that often arise in sexual harassment cases.

  1. Can an employer be held liable for customer sexual harassment?
  2. What damages or remedies are available for victims of sexual harassment?
  3. What is a hostile work environment?
  4. Can a single incident of harassment suffice to establish liability?
  5. How do I prove my workplace is a hostile work environment?
  6. What is quid pro quo harassment?
  7. What is workplace sexual harassment?
  8. In a sexual harassment case, does it matter if it is a supervisor versus a co-worker who is harassing me?
  9. Who is a “supervisor” in sexual harassment cases?
  10. How can employees combat harassment at work?
  11. What is the deadline for filing a sex harassment or retaliation claim?
  12. What type of retaliation is prohibited against an employee who reports unlawful discrimination or harassment?
  13. Is an employer prohibited from retaliating against an employee because the employee reported harassment?
  14. What is an employer’s affirmative defense in a sex harassment case?

Damages or Remedies for Gender Discrimination

More than half a century after Congress enacted the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits gender discrimination, too many women continue to face a glass ceiling blocking them from earning the promotions and other advancement opportunities that they have earned.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the number of female CEO’s among Fortune 500 companies has dwindled to just 5.4% (27 out of 500). This statistic alone helps illustrate the persistent presence of glass ceiling / promotion discrimination within corporate America.

Although the precise structure of a glass ceiling can vary from company to company, its discriminatory effects are undeniable and often devastating to those unable to break through it.  And according to one report, the average female employee loses $10,000 per year due to the wage gap between men and women.

Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, as well as other federal and state laws, make it illegal for an employer to use promotion practices that create a glass ceiling.  Cases brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and others make clear that companies must proactively address promotion discrimination issues.  For example, the EEOC sued Outback Steakhouse about the company’s glass ceiling that prevented women from being promoted.  The class action case ultimately settled for $19 million in damages.

If you win your case at trial or settle with the company beforehand, several types of remedies may be available.  For example:

  • Back pay – the difference between what you should have been paid if promoted and what the company actually paid you;
  • Compensatory damages – damages to address emotional distress, reputational harm, etc. that you suffered as a result of the company’s refusal to promote you;
  • Punitive damages – damages to punish the company if it acted with malice or reckless indifference; and/or
  • Make-whole relief – placing you into the higher level position you were unlawfully denied.

To learn more about gender glass ceiling discrimination, download our guide Shattering the Glass Ceiling: Tips for Combatting Promotion Discrimination:

Hiring a Top-Rated Maryland Gender Discrimination Lawyer

Hiring a proven and effective gender discrimination lawyer is critical to obtaining the maximum recovery in a sexual harassment case.  Eric Bachman, Chair of the Firm’s Discrimination Practice, has substantial experience litigating precedent-setting individual and class action discrimination cases.   His wins include a $100 million settlement in a disparate impact Title VII class action and a $16 million class action settlement against a major grocery chain.

Having served as Special Litigation Counsel in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice and as lead or co-counsel in numerous jury trials, Bachman is trial-tested and ready to fight for you to obtain the relief that you deserve.

Bachman writes frequently on topics related to promotion discrimination, harassment, and other employment discrimination issues at the Glass Ceiling Discrimination Blog.

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Zuckerman Law has outlined what is required to prove gender discrimination when filing your case. Visit the page  “how to prove gender discrimination



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