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Recently the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners published a profile of SEC whistleblower lawyers Matt Stock’s success working with whistleblowers to fight fraud:

SEC whistleblower lawyers

For more information about the SEC Whistleblower Program, see our Whistleblower Page and download the eBook Tips from SEC Whistleblower Attorneys to Maximize an SEC Whistleblower Award. Click below to hear an SEC whistleblower lawyer’s tips for SEC whistleblowers:

SEC whistleblower lawyers

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Resources About SEC Whistleblower Program

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  4. What exactly does anonymous whistleblowing entail?
  5. What employment protections are available for SEC whistleblowers?
  6. What violations qualify for an SEC whistleblower award?
  7. Can the SEC bring enforcement actions against international schemes?
  8. Who is an “eligible” SEC whistleblower?
  9. Can compliance personnel, auditors, officers or directors qualify for SEC whistleblower awards?
  10. Can I submit a claim if I had some involvement in the fraud or misconduct?
  11. Can culpable whistleblowers qualify for SEC whistleblower awards?
  12. Do I have to report a potential violation to my company before reporting it to the SEC?
  13. What type of evidence should I provide to the SEC?
  14. Can I use confidential company documents to expose fraud?
  15. Can I disclose secret recordings to the SEC?
  16. Can I submit a tip if I agreed to a confidentiality provision in an employment/severance agreement?
  17. When is the best time to report the fraud or misconduct to the SEC?
  18. What is “original information”?
  19. Can I submit an SEC Whistleblower claim if the SEC already has an open investigation into the matter?
  20. How might my information “lead to” a successful SEC enforcement action?
  21. What “related actions” qualify for an SEC whistleblower award?
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  24. Why should I choose the Zuckerman Law to represent me in my SEC whistleblower claim?
  25. How do I submit a tip to the SEC Office of the Whistleblower?
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  27. What is the full process for a whistleblower to receive an award?  
  28. What factors does the SEC consider when determining the amount of the award?
  29. What happens after I apply for an SEC whistleblower award?
  30. What is the process to appeal the SEC’s award determination?
  31. How long does it take to receive an SEC whistleblower award?