Image of Cybersecurity Whistleblower Attorney Will Speak at CLE About Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Whistleblowers

Cybersecurity Whistleblower Attorney Will Speak at CLE About Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Whistleblowers

Cybersecurity Whistleblower Attorney Jason Zuckerman will speak at a CLE on May 13, 2021 about cybersecurity and data privacy whistleblower protections.  Zuckerman is privileged to join Jeremy Schneider, a Principal at Jackson Lewis P.C., to address 1) federal and state statutes that protect cybersecurity whistleblowers, including the False Claims Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and Defense Contractor Whistleblower Protection Act; 2) whistleblower incentives for disclosing cybersecurity and data privacy violations; 3) tips for employers to mitigate the risk of retaliation claims; and 4) tips for whistleblowers.

Course Description

Information security and data privacy have become issues of great concern and importance. So has the cybersecurity whistleblower. Some may be surprised then to learn that there is no federal law that specifically protects employees who blow the whistle on cybersecurity or data privacy concerns.

That does not mean cybersecurity whistleblowers are without protection, but practitioners who would help them must be aware of a large and expanding patchwork of provisions that can provide remedy. This course, presented by Dallas Hammer, Principal at Zuckerman Law, will provide an overview of whistleblower protections for employees who blow the whistle on cybersecurity or data privacy concerns. The course will also offer practical tips and insights for practitioners on how to evaluate potential cybersecurity whistleblower claims and overlapping remedies to maximize damages. In addition, the course will address the challenging issues that arise when a whistleblower simultaneously prosecutes both whistleblower retaliation and whistleblower rewards claims.

  1. Be able to identify federal statutes that may protect cybersecurity whistleblowers, how those statutes work generally, how they may apply to information security and data privacy issues, and their limitations in this context.
  2. Better understand how others sources of law, such as state statutes or federal regulation, may help inform whether a federal statute will protect a cybersecurity whistleblower or even provide a separate cause of action.
  3. Better understand the difference between cybersecurity and data privacy and how those differences relate to getting a whistleblower relief.
  4. Understand what to expect next for cybersecurity whistleblower protections, and discuss proposed legislation.
  5. Be able to better evaluate potential cybersecurity whistleblower claims.

Cybersecurity SEC Whistleblower Awards

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Cybersecurity Whistleblower Protection

Cybersecurity Whistleblower Retaliation

Cybersecurity Whistleblower Lawyer’s Guide to Cybersecurity Whistleblower Rewards and Protections

Our experienced cybersecurity whistleblower lawyers have represented Chief Information Security Officers, CIOs, and other cybersecurity professionals in cybersecurity whistleblower rewards and protections matters.

We are well versed in the cybersecurity issues that may qualify for an SEC whistleblower reward or for protection under the whistleblower protection provision of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act or under laws that protects employees of government contractors disclosing cybersecurity deficiencies.

Recently the Wall Street Journal quoted Dallas Hammer, the head of our cybersecurity whistleblower practice, in an article titled Cybersecurity Whistleblowers Are Growing Corporate Challenge.

To find out more about the rights of cybersecurity whistleblowers, call us at 202-262-8959 for a free, confidential consultation and download our Practitioner’s Guide to Cybersecurity Whistleblowing.


Matthew Stock is the Director of the Whistleblower Rewards Practice at Zuckerman Law. He represents whistleblowers around the world in SEC, CFTC and IRS whistleblower claims. He is also a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner and former KPMG external auditor.