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LGBT Workplace Rights in Maryland

Can I be fired for being LGBT in Maryland?

If your employer has at least 15 employees, then no: Maryland has prohibited employment discrimination based on sexual orientation since 2001 and expanded that protection to cover gender identity and expression in 2014. (Md. Code Ann., State Gov’t § 20-602 (West).) Maryland also prohibits harassment based on sexual orientation or gender identity, as well as retaliation for filing a complaint or participating in an investigation.

What is unlawful discrimination in Maryland?

It is illegal for your employer or prospective employer to discriminate against you based on your sexual orientation or gender identity with regard to: recruitment, hiring, transferring, dismissal, discipline, working conditions, promotions, training, advertisement, retirement, assignment, or performance evaluations.

What should I do if I believe my employer has discriminated against me?

If you are a public employee, you may file a complaint with your agency’s EEO Office within 30 days of learning of the discrimination. Once your agency renders a decision, you may file an appeal with the Office of the Statewide EEO Coordinator (OSEEOC) within 10 days. Additionally, you may file claims with the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights (MCCR) or the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

If you are a private employee, you may file a complaint with the MCCR.