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Is my non-competition agreement with my former employer enforceable?



When determining whether a non-compete agreement is enforceable, a court will assess the following issues:

1. Is the restriction no greater than is required to protect the employer’s legitimate interest?

2. Is the geographic scope of the non-compete overly broad?

3. Would it preclude the employee from working in his or her profession?

4. Would it violate a clear mandate of public policy?

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Strategies for Defending Against Non-Compete Litigation

For a summary of strategies for defending against non-compete litigation, click here.  Such strategies include:

  • File a Declaratory Judgment;
  • Challenge the validity of the agreement;
  • Assert the “Unclean Hands” Defense; and
  • Bring a Counterclaim of Tortious Interference with a Business or Contractual Relationship.