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Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination in Banking and Financial Services

The male-dominated, fiercely competitive culture of Wall Street and the financial services sector has long been rampant with egregious sex harassment and gender discrimination.  Indeed, some of the largest recoveries in discrimination and harassment cases occurred in the banking industry.  Although progress has been made, there is still a glass ceiling at too many financial services firms that denies promotional opportunities to women and minorities:

  • A recent internal Citigroup pay equity review found that median pay for women is 29 percent less than it is for men at the bank.
  • And a recent InvestmentNews survey found that nearly 80% of financial advisers believe that sexual harassment is a problem in the financial advice industry.

Banking and Financial Services Sex Harassment and Discrimination Attorneys

Our team of seasoned employment lawyers have represented employees in the financial services industry in high-stakes employment disputes, including employees at JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, and other financial institutions.  We understand the substantial damage that discrimination and retaliation can inflict on your career and how difficult it is to regain your reputation and rebuild your career.

Discrimination or retaliation can detail a career and cause a massive loss of future earnings.  We endeavor to achieve the maximum damages for our clients and are prepared to go the distance to obtain maximum relief and hold the perpetrator accountable.

A Barron’s article titled Sexual Harassment in Finance Often Unreported quotes leading discrimination lawyer Eric Bachman about how to combat harassment in finance. To schedule a confidential consultation with leading Bethesda-Chevy Chase employment lawyer Eric Bachman, call us today at 202-769-1681, or click here.

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Hiring a proven and effective advocate is critical to obtaining the maximum recovery in an employment discrimination case.  Eric Bachman, Chair of the Firm’s Discrimination Practice, has substantial experience litigating precedent-setting individual and class action discrimination cases.   His wins include a $100 million settlement in a disparate impact Title VII class action and a $16 million class action settlement against a major grocery chain.  Having served as Special Litigation Counsel in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice and as lead or co-counsel in numerous jury trials, Bachman is trial-tested and ready to fight for you to obtain the relief that you deserve.

Bachman writes frequently on topics related to promotion discrimination, harassment, and other employment discrimination issues at the Glass Ceiling Discrimination Blog.

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Gender Discrimination in Financial Services and Banking

Financial services has one of highest gender pay gaps.  These articles and studies address some of the causes of glass ceiling discrimination and pay discrimination in financial services.

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Guide for Victims of Sexual Harassment

Combatting Sexual Harassment in Banking and Financial Services: Know Your Rights

  1. Can an employer be held liable for customer sexual harassment?
  2. What damages or remedies are available for victims of sexual harassment?
  3. What is a hostile work environment?
  4. Can a single incident of harassment suffice to establish liability?
  5. How do I prove my workplace is a hostile work environment?
  6. What is quid pro quo harassment?
  7. What is workplace sexual harassment?
  8. In a sexual harassment case, does it matter if it is a supervisor versus a co-worker who is harassing me?
  9. Who is a “supervisor” in sexual harassment cases?
  10. How can employees combat harassment at work?
  11. What is the deadline for filing a sex harassment or retaliation claim?
  12. What type of retaliation is prohibited against an employee who reports unlawful discrimination or harassment?
  13. Is an employer prohibited from retaliating against an employee because the employee reported harassment?
  14. What is an employer’s affirmative defense in a sex harassment case?